Darryl Berk




Musical Styles

Cleveland is responsible for an extraordinary wealth of music and musicians. In the Rock and Roll side of town there was Alan Freed coining the term Rock and Roll, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins haunting, “I Put A Spell On You”, Sonny Geraci and the Outsiders classic, “Time Won't Let Me”, and Eagles' guitarist Joe Walsh’s James Gang. At the forefront of the Jazz and improvisational music community was visionary guitarist, Bill DeArango. One of the last surviving roots bluesman of the twentieth century, Robert Jr. Lockwood, along with Polka King, Frankie Yankovic, could be found working around town regularly, though usually not together.

With most of these performers, as well as many others, gigging regularly, Darryl was able to observe, absorb, and soon after, perform in wide variety of musical styles with many of the area's musical giants. Whether Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll, R&B, or Country, he has fine-honed his playing and singing to effortlessly and seamlessly shift from one musical style to another.